About Me

About Me

One-man Show

My name is John Fritz, the founder of Fritz and Fancy. I'm a one-man operation. I make all the scrunchies you see here on this site, the graphic design, the website setup, order fulfillment, you name it!  As you can see from my photo, I am a bald man in the hair accessories business and you're probably wondering how the heck I got into making scrunchies.

I used to work at a yoga studio for years and witnessed the triumphant return of the scrunchie in the fitness world. One of the yoga teachers I worked with knew I could sew and she suggested I get into the scrunchie making business. It seemed a little crazy, I thought about it and then parked the idea for a while. 






Then the coronavirus hit, I found myself with zero income, fabric, and a lot of free time on my hands. I decided it was time to dust off the sewing machine and make a go of the scrunchie business. 

I researched dozens of ways to make scrunchies and suffered through SO many rambling YouTube sewing tutorials until I landed on the one that changed the game for me. I'm now able to output about 50 scrunchies per day that are high quality, completely machine sewn, and perfect for all types of hair. I also had lots of guidance from my friend Charlotte - this woman constantly inspires me to create and has the most enviable craft room of anyone I know! 

I made a Facebook post advertising my scrunchies and the response was overwhelming. I sold all of my scrunchies in less than 48 hours! It was then and there that I decided this could be the beginning of something wonderful. 

Picking a Name

Choosing a name for my company was easy. My last name is Fritz and I wanted to pair my name and a little alliteration. Fancy comes from song of the same name covered by Reba McEntire. I love Reba for her sassy attitude and humble beginnings. Her songs were a staple in my home growing up. When I was a kid I used to be able to sing exactly like her and I made up choreographed dances to her songs.   

Why our Scrunchies?

Fritz and Fancy scrunchies are not the kind of hair accessory that can take themselves seriously. Whimsical and unique, the colours and patterns I choose are meant to make you smile and feel like the special scrunchie-loving, fancy person you are! 

I take inspiration from stars of 90's sitcoms, my sister's photos of her in an oversized t-shirt and overalls, and a splash of the latest trends. 

What's Next?

Thanks for getting to know a little more about Fritz and Fancy. I'm still learning, evolving and looking for ways to make scrunchies that you will love. I am always open to hearing your feedback to make sure you love these scrunchies as much as I do. Feel free to reach out with your suggestions on our contact page

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