COVID-19 Prevention

Here at Fritz and Fancy, I'm taking COVID-19 prevention very seriously. It's my goal to ensure that you feel 100% safe to come and pick up your scrunchies without the risk of transmission. Throughout this pandemic, I have been staying physically distant from others to stay safe. I have had a history of medical issues in the past, so I have been overly cautious. 

Most of my fabrics come from Canadian online stores and on occasion have received fabric from friends and family locally. Whenever new materials are brought into my home, they go into the laundry immediately. I wash them on hot and dry them on high heat. For those of you wondering, I use environmentally friendly laundry detergent. I've got allergies to most commercial laundry detergents, so that works best for me! 

When retrieving the fabrics from the dryer, I always wash my hands first. The materials are all pressed with an iron and stored in bags or boxes until the materials are ready to be cut into scrunchies. 

For the sewing process, I always wash my hands before I begin sewing and make sure my sewing machine and work area are disinfected. All the scrunchies are stored in boxes until they are ready to be placed into your orders. 

Orders are all treated with the same measures. I wash my hands prior to handling any of your scrunchies and put them into their own bag which is sealed off to prevent any other potential contamination when taking orders to you at my front door or on the way to the post office. 

Local pickup orders are stored in their own bags. When you message me that you're here to get your items, I wash my hands and put on a mask. Then I bring your order to you. 

If you have any concerns about the transmission of COVID-19 in your Fritz and Fancy Scrunchie order, please do not hesitate to reach out here. Your safety is of my utmost priority.